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Sage Mushrooms For The Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, you cannot go it alone. You need to have mentors and guides to help you along and advise you. The correct advice can save years of struggle and fortunes in mistakes.
The internet is a fantastic tool that can pick the brains of the greats like Richard Branson and Oprah. We can soak up their wisdom and apply it. We can even get into the mind of the greats of the past like Winston Churchill or Abraham Lincoln. But there is an overload of information on the internet. To find sage advice one has to sift through mountains of quotes and blurbs that are often repetitive in some and omitting in others.
So after trawling the web, analysing the abundance of messages created to help the entrepreneur succeed we have whittled the advice down to a few focuses with the most repeated first. A few quotes have no known authors but have been included as they remain sound advice.