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  • simplygraphic-blog-1 Gain Momentum And Direction Will Come

    Gain momentum and direction will come

    It’s uncontrollably exciting during the embryonic stage of building your business, developing the concept, outlining your vision and bringing your dream to life. Continue Reading

  • blog-featured-img-one The Process Of Logo Design

    The process of logo design

    Apple, Coca Cola, Nike, Starbucks, Samsung. You can picture each respective logo as they are read. We all know what a great logo is. But what we all don’t know, is that to create a great logo isn’t easy and take considerable time, research and most importantly talent. Continue Reading

  • Success-vs-Disaster Success vs Disaster

    Success vs Disaster

    Synergy between client and designer


    There was a corporate high-flyer, an award winning designer and a marketing brief sitting at the table… sounds like the beginning of a joke full of ego and misunderstanding; the punchline being a communication disaster of epic proportion. Continue Reading

  • How important is colour in design? How Important Is Colour In Design?

    How important is colour in design?

    Colour can make you look away or draw you in. It has the power to create an emotion as powerful as music can. Colour helps us instantly understand our environment. It is intrinsically important to our everyday life. It is all around us all the time and helps us to relate and to respond to our world, even if we generally take it for granted. Continue Reading

  • Time Management Time Management

    A tool for success

    Time management is about balance and prioritization. This is apt for both your personal life and your working life. Every person has needs on both a personal and business level. Denying these needs and ignoring them creates imbalance, dissatisfaction, de-motivation and stress. There is always a time for work and a time for each individual to pursue the fulfilment of their personal needs. It is difficult in today’s technological world to switch off at the end of the business day, but effective time management does create the health conditions for this to happen effectively ensuring you can devote your precious time to your important relationships. Continue Reading

  • Timeline of the Internet Timeline Of The Internet

    Timeline of the internet

    The History of the Internet can be traced back to the launch of Sputnik in 1957. The United States desired to stay ahead in the technology race with the Soviet and protect itself against spaced –based nuclear attack. USA created the ARPA agency for this purpose. The potential of a country-wide communications network began its inception and indeed was brought to life. Continue Reading

  • Sage Mushrooms for the Entrepreneur Sage Mushrooms For The Entrepreneur

    Sage mushrooms for the entrepreneur

    E. C. MCKENZIE once said – “Advice is like mushrooms. The wrong kind can prove fatal.” As an entrepreneur, you cannot go it alone. You need to have mentors and guides to help you along and advise you. The correct advice can save years of struggle and fortunes in mistakes.

    The internet is a fantastic tool that can pick the brains of the greats like Richard Branson and Oprah. We can soak up their wisdom and apply it. We can even get into the mind of the greats of the past like Winston Churchill or Abraham Lincoln. Continue Reading

  • Branding: Your Company’s Most Valuable Asset Branding: Your Company’s Most Valuable Asset

    Branding: Your company’s most valuable asset

    Many will argue that the employees in your organization are more valuable than branding, but employees are not a fixed asset. A brand you build and invest in, as you do all other assets of a company, but unlike all other assets, a great brand will never depreciate. Continue Reading

  • branding-img Symbols In A Competitive Age

    Symbols in a competitive age

    Communication is the key to progress. Humans’ ability to communicate complex ideas not only differentiates us from animals, it allows us to learn from generations past add to that knowledge and propel us forward. Continue Reading

  • Richard Branson Blog Image Self-Motivational Tips From Richard Branson

    Self-motivational tips from Richard Branson

    Q: How do you maintain your motivation to generate new ideas and execute them? — Gunita Migliniece, Latvia Continue Reading