Symbols in a competitive age

Communication is the key to progress. Humans’ ability to communicate complex ideas not only differentiates us from animals, it allows us to learn from generations past add to that knowledge and propel us forward.

Symbols have played a significant role in human communication for millennia. In our modern global society of countless languages, information and ideas, we have created remarkably simple systems of symbols that lends itself to quick and accurate information transfer. In one glance, we can know if it is safe to cross the road, where the rest rooms are and what credit cards an establishment will accept. And let us not forget the wonderful collection of
symbols we call the alphabet.

One of the ultimate symbols of our time is the Company Logo. And unlike the alphabet or danger signs; which have a slow evolution that takes generations; the metamorphosis of the logo unfolds before our eyes. And why do logos and company branding change so quickly? In one word; Competition.

Regular everyday symbols just need to transfer information when that information is sought. A logo has to grab the targeted audience’s attention above and before any of the other multitude of companies out there do. As well as communicate a variety of information about the company it represents. Basically, a logo, if designed effectively, can bring to people’s mind  the unique selling proposition of an organisation, which inevitably promotes the company on a sub-conscious level. Here are a few great examples.


Shell and Nike don’t even use their name in their logo any-more.
Coke can be recognised only by the distinctive red of their logo and the script font.
Apple and Cannon are beautiful examples of keeping the design current and cutting edge.
MasterCard and the Mercedes Benz logo is recognisable to everyone.

Simply Graphic specialises in the effective branding of companies, and at the heart of any brand is the logo. Our talent lies in our ability to cut through mountains of data to find the essence of your company and create a visual symbol that represents your business.

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