A-Z Festive Season Marketing Strategies

It’s a ho ho hot time for business this festive season! With malls jumping the gun getting into the swing of things, take this as your visual cue to getting organised and maximise sales this holiday season.

Here we have a concise A to Z of marketing strategies adapted from hubspot, which you can use as a guideline to getting organised. With just one month to until the Christmas clock strikes midnight, consider these tips to growing your business and boosting sales!


analyse last year’s best seller(s) and which days and times were the busiest. Use this data to carefully plan accordingly.

Brick And Mortar:

make adjustments to speed up the checkout process at your brick-and-mortar shop to ensure a good customer service.


use creative auctioning calls-to-action to bring in new customers to your website and social media platforms with special offers and coupons.

Discount Codes

promote discount codes on your social media platforms and marketing mails to drive consumer’s urgency to purchase.


consider questions in your funnel that you want answered. Get creative here and experiment with various techniques.

Facebook Live

use Facebook Live to expand your brand, speak to your audience, and open the floor to their views and comments as you build a relationship with them.

Gift Cards

this basic concept is a universal token that you can use to your advantage. Set yourself apart with creative designs, packaging or anything that will get consumers excited.

Have A Plan

have a plan B for high profile marketing campaigns, as well as for everyday business needs such as cash flow, staff, stock etc. If you are caught off guard here, this could potentially cause serious damage to your brand.

Instagram Ads

partner up with other brands if you are still growing your following fans. This is a great mutually beneficial relationship for alike brands to boost and build each other’s users.

Join Inbound.org

join inbound.org for support and your questions answered, by a community of marketers.

Keep In Touch

keep in touch with consumers after they make purchases. Be sure not to spam them, and if possible, get personal using their names.


pay attention to the health of your contacts list by digging into your data and nurturing your contacts that are still engaged with your audience.


the holiday season is a great time to encourage quick purchases, so make it easy for consumers on your website with an optimised mobile section.


your contents with helpful, relevant content and offers that will drive leads towards prospects and turn prospects into customers.


audit your inventory and pricing strategy to ensure that you provide a consistent omnichannel shopping experience.


always be mindful of your pricing structure and how it speaks to your audience.


turn questions into content by analysing your customers FAQ’s on your site, and use it to brainstorm new content ideas.

Rewards Program

fluff up your rewards program to drive repeat purchasing during the festive season.

Social Sharing

encourage audience expansions by adding social sharing buttons on your social media platforms. Consumers will share if you make it fun and easy for them.

Twitter Cards

use twitter cards to create more interactive tweets that generate cross social media attention to your other platforms, being instagram, facebook, email and website.

Unexpected Marketing Channels

stay within your holiday marketing budget by leveraging inexpensive, unexpected marketing channels such as receipts, which you can customise.

VIP Experience

create a VIP experience for your customers with special perks that make them appreciated, which encourages repeat purchases.


optimise your workflows to ensure that you are not bombarding your mailing database with too many emails because they are enrolled in various workflows.

Customer EXperience

a happy customer with share their positive experience with others. The most valuable marketing is always word of mouth marketing.

Year End Sales

consumers are like bees to honey during the holiday season with yearend sales. So aim to set yourself apart; use a time limit to create urgency.


generate a buzz around your brand by hosting an exclusive offer for the first 100 customers. Exclusivity generates excitement.

For more tips and tricks to boost your business this holiday season, contact the festive team at Simply Graphic!