Your customers are the life line to your business – their purchases determine your success, security and stability from month to month. It is therefore of vital importance that your website is visually attractive and well balanced, is user friendly, and most importantly, is easy for online consumers to identify what you are offering and find what they are looking for. Consider these top three things that customers possibly can’t find on your site.

Contact Information

Although this may seem rather obvious, it is often a feature that is incomplete, hard to find or difficult to read. We suggest including your full contact details on every page in a consistent place, such as the top right corner. Online users scan websites quickly for the information they require, and may possibly seek only your contact details as their sole search purpose at any given time. So make this an obvious, easy process with a clear visual heading that states “contact” to successfully draw visitors to this webpage section. Use simple, bold, clean and clear fonts and links for this, and preferably include these at the top of your webpage. Online users often become frustrated scrolling down endlessly in search of contact details for a required product or service.

What you do

Now this seems really obvious- but make sure that your copy gets to the point. Your specific skill set should cover clearly defined products or services so that customers know what you do, and can contact you as a more solid lead, rather than just a vague referral. Online users often feel overwhelmed by an overly busy page, too much copy or distracting popups – side note, cut the popups: they are super annoying and even Google is starting to frown upon them.  

The product (or page) consumers are looking for

Navigation through your site can make or break your visitors overall online experience with your brand. Make sure that your site is designed to suit the needs of a potential customer, rather than around what works for. If you offer a variety of categories, organise these logically, considering lingo and technical terms that make sense to the majority. On every page, include a link back to your home page, purchase page and contact details. Consult the professionals in web design at Simply Graphic to create a web site with wow factors that works for you and your online users. We promise to present you with a well balanced website that clearly defines and describes your products and services, is user friendly and ultimately, is a powerful professional reflection of your brand that engages your visitors.