The Secret Of Search Engine Marketing

When you reach that incredibly exciting point of going live with your wow factor website, consider the tips and tricks that a site management service can bring to the table. You have your groundbreaking product or service, your bold brand identity, and a pocket full of sunshine to share with the millions and trillions of consumers who want and need what you have to offer. One minor, insignificant detail…  how do you get on the maps of masses?  A website without traffic is about as useful as a laptop with a faulty keyboard.  When it comes to driving traffic to your website, a site management magician knows just how to fix and fire up that “keyboard” to bring the masses to you!  

How Search beats Social

Search engine marketing has some sneaky little secrets that benefit your business in ways that social media marketing can’t fully compete with. Consider your habits. When you need something from a local “hardware store” to “labradoodle puppies for sale”, you turn to your faithful friends at Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, AOL, Blekko, or one of the many others to find what you are looking for. A report by Econsultancy found that 61% of consumers use search engines to help them in product research before making a purchase. This means that you need to rank well with your target keywords to register as a research result for your target market. So how do you climb the keyword ranking ladder?  

Know what people are searching for

Adwords need to be carefully and creatively selected for each website to ensure a specific, optimised high ranking and rating for the targeted consumer. In other words, if your pool cleaning service is called “Big Blue” with your website wording including “when last did you test the water…” and “let us help you with your big blue…”, your site could be categorised with results for men researching services for some rather private mens health related topics. You fail your business, your target market (and the mislead men) completely as a result of poorly selected Adwords. This is where your website manager whips out the magic wand! When it comes to search engines, Adwords are the rabbit they pull out of the hat. Service managers are clued up with the correct key Adwords for each product and service. With all their complicated technical tools and techniques, they create, design and manage your media with Adwords that are statistically proven to both generate traffic to your website, and build awareness around your brand through related searches. Get in touch with the team at Simply Graphic for the ultimate SEO marketing management for your website.