10# Inspiring Marketing Strategies

Developing marketing strategies and campaigns that target your intended audience can be time consuming and stressful. Consider the following strategies that are on the cutting creative edge of driving brand awareness.

1. Partnerships are powerful
Collaborating with others is an inspiring incentive to build better content that will develop both brands. As an added bonus, marketing partnerships are cheaper to create, see success quicker, and expand your brand into greater target market circles.

2. Embrace user generated content
Have customers share their personal stories and ideas by giving them the tools to advertise for you. Interacting with your audience and allowing them versatile platforms to share with others, encourages the x-factor of offering an intimate personal touch.

3. Invite influencers into the inner circle
Collaborating with the top influencers in your industry is a given tactic to build brand awareness. Invite creative bloggers that are personally interested in your products and services, to try, test and share their views and experiences about the beauty of your brand.

4. Help customers solve a problem
Creating how-to-content is a brilliant technique that encourages the consumer to engage on a personal level. Offer customers ways in which they can watch, listen to, like, comment and share exclusives that help solve a problem. Consider creating apps or using tools that can assist you, such as instagram video tutorials.

5. Have fun
Dig deep and use your personal likes and interests to spark your creative energy around current campaign ideas. Awaken your inner child and your fearless alter ego to drive an inspiring idea that others will resonate with.

6. Weird is wonderful
Think outside the box by getting rid of the box, and open your brand up to exciting new possibilities that push boundaries. Campaigns can fall into the bucket of being a new take on an old concept. Although this can and does work, consider ideas that will set you apart.

7. Connect with customers
It is vitally important to interact with potential new customers as well as being mindful of showing existing customers appreciation for their loyalty to your brand. Make them feel valued and encourage them with exclusive offers to continue their support and generate personal word of mouth brand awareness.

8. Use big data to target customers
Big data is helping retailers target specific customers which can be used to predict purchasing trends. Use this information to get in touch with your consumers before they search for your products or services.

9. Tap into the concrete jungle
Use offline marketing to create a buzz around your product or service. Be creative here and use painters, dancers, sports and the likes of visually interactive experiences that spark interest and generate conversation around your brand.

10. Tell a story
Storytelling is a powerful marketing method that can be modernized across media channels. Memories are marvellous things, and creating a campaign that your audience can relate to is a sure way to ignite emotional attachment to your brand. Coca-Cola comes to mind; with campaigns that tap into nostalgia as well as dreams that leave consumers imprinted with a complete and powerful brand experience.

So be inspired to create the things you wish existed with the help of the team at simply graphic.

“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun” – Mary Lou Cook