how to manage your wprdpress webiste

Once you have your new WordPress site set up, you are able to login to the back-end and make changes, updates and additions. We have put togeher a collection of tutorials to assist you in learning how to do this. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions. Enjoy your new site!

How to Guides

01 How to create a custom product page
02 Responsive Sliders and Banners
03 How to setup your blog page
04 How to enable registration on “My Account” page
05 How to add newsletter signup manually
06 How to add payment icons to footer
07 How to add banner or slider to a category / shop page
08 How to connect to Instagram API
09 How to translate the theme or plugins
10 How to enable facebook login / register
11 Increasing the WordPress Memory Limit
12 Remove comment box from page
13 How to add my own personal menu label
14 How to setup Wishlist correctly
15 How to increase page speed
16 How to create a ‘Scroll-To’ link
17 How to add multiple custom product tabs
18 How to add and edit content on top of pages
19 How to enable Catalog Mode
20 How to create a simple Size Guide pop up (lightbox)
21 How to set featured products
22 How to Remove “Downloads” from My Account
23 How to add/set a Favicon
24 How Related Products works
25 How to add Product variations
26 How to edit shop header with UX Builder
27 How to change homepage
28 How to Disable Admin bar for customers
29 Getting UX Banner video to work in all browsers
30 How to use Flatsome Studio
31 How to disable reviews
33 Need Customisation
34 How to open images and galleries in a lightbox
35 How to register the theme (with token)
36 How to create an admin login for the support team
37 How to create a Mega Menu (full customizable dropdown)
38 How to create custom 404 page content
39 Problems installing theme
40 How to reorder tabs on the single product page
41 How to clear Instagram element cache
42 Theme license/registration
43 Variation swatches
22 How to Remove “Downloads” from My Account