• Three Things Your Customers Can’t Find On Your Website

    Your customers are the life line to your business – their purchases determine your success, security and stability from month to month. It is therefore of vital importance that your website is visually attractive and well balanced, is user friendly, and most importantly, is easy for online consumers to identify what you are offering and find what they are looking for.

    Consider these top three things that customers possibly can’t find on your site.

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  • Creating You Colour Umbrella

    Most of us are blissfully unaware of the complementary colour wheel and how this plays a vital role in online marketing. When it comes to designing your website and incorporating your colour schemes, consider the following tips and tricks to help you tap into your target market.

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  • Welcome To WordPress 101

    Welcome To WordPress 101

    What is WordPress? WordPress is an online, Open Source website creation tool written in PHP. But in non-geek speak; it is considered to be the most powerful, popular, user-friendly blogging and website content management system (CMS) in existence today. The fundamentals of WordPress were essentially built as a base platform for blogging more than typical CMS. But over time this has developed and has been modernised with thousands of plugins that make it more CMS-like. The Script as an Open Source is the number one choice for most bloggers, and impressively, over 26% of websites run successfully on WordPress.


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  • The Secret Of Search Engine Marketing

    The Secret Of Search Engine Marketing

    When you reach that incredibly exciting point of going live with your wow factor website, consider the tips and tricks that a site management service can bring to the table. You have your groundbreaking product or service, your bold brand identity, and a pocket full of sunshine to share with the millions and trillions of consumers who want and need what you have to offer. One minor, insignificant detail…  how do you get on the maps of masses?  A website without traffic is about as useful as a laptop with a faulty keyboard.  When it comes to driving traffic to your website, a site management magician knows just how to fix and fire up that “keyboard” to bring the masses to you! Continue Reading

  • Foods That Fuel Productivity

    Foods That Fuel Productivity

    It’s common knowledge that unhealthy eating habits can result in us feeling a little unhappy and often sapped for energy. And once we have been sucked into this vicious cycle, we end up turning to high caffeine quick fixes and sugar hits to get us through breaking points. After surviving the past manic week on a coffee diet while sampling every take out eatery that delivers, my body was eventually crashing and burning, crying out for some goodness. As hard as I may try, I could never join the vegans and vegetarians of the world. But having done a little research and after chatting to some go green friends, what really struck me was the phenomenal natural energy and revitalised glow they posses. Continue Reading

  • Don’t Be A “Silent Partner”

    Don’t Be A “Silent Partner”

    Having taken the bold and daring plunge into the entrepreneurial pool a good few times, one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is managing my expectations and those of my business partners’ and growing team. This is a crucial element to ensure ultimate productivity, and naturally, it all comes down to communication.

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  • The Lean Startup

    The Lean Startup

    Everyday entrepreneurs are starting business with what they believe is a great product or service, but are they armed with the tools to make it a success and business that endures?


    There is methodology that is being embraced and implemented around the world across many industries, in startups and established businesses called The Lean Startup. It was created by Eric Ries through his trial and error in his own business and ultimately the huge success of IMVU, an avatar social community.

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  • Startup funding

    Startup funding

    Starting a business is hard work, with no guarantees of success which makes funding it even harder, but there are options out there. All options need to be carefully considered – cost, equity and control are elements that need to be deliberated in detail in order to create a sustainable business. Continue Reading

  • Branding What Is Marketing & Brand Strategy?

    What Is Marketing & Brand Strategy?

    I am currently fascinated by the dynamic creativity in the marketing industry at the moment. Gone are the days where companies are playing it safe, and now look to push the boundaries on a fearless new frontier of advertising.
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  • INSPIRING MARKETING STRATEGIES 10# Inspiring Marketing Strategies

    10# Inspiring Marketing Strategies

    Developing marketing strategies and campaigns that target your intended audience can be time consuming and stressful. Consider the following strategies that are on the cutting creative edge of driving brand awareness.
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