• Growth Tools

    Growth Tools For Your Business In A Modern World


    If you are growing a company, chances are you’re sifting and strategising through avenues best suited for your budget and business to help you grow. Companies often experience growth problems not due to lack of creativity, but because of execution. To execute on your strategy, consider these powerful tools that leverage every stage of the customer experience. Continue Reading

  • dot4-img-six The Power of Persuasion

    The Power of Persuasion


    For anyone in sales, persuasion is the ultimate power tool. Below are some techniques to achieve maximum voltage.

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  • blog-header-one Covey’s Steps to Success

    Covey’s Steps to Success


    We all want to succeed and reach our full potential in life. A popular path to consider is “The 7 habits of highly effective people” by Stephen Covey. His book discusses each habit in detail and is well worth the read! To get you started, we have summarized a brief overview below.


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  • blog-header-three How To Be Productive When Working From Home

    How To Be Productive When Working From Home


    Whether working from home is an uncommon random occurrence for you, or a personal permanent choice, there are certain secret tips to know to ensure that you achieve maximum productivity.
    Although working from home eliminates distractions from the outside world, such as colleagues popping past your desk to show you their latest instagram post of what they had for breakfast Continue Reading

  • blog-header-four The Magician of Marketing

    The magician of marketing


    Social media marketing is a magical tool that can fast track your business to the next level. Using platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook in the correct way is a guaranteed strategy for increased product sales and brand exposure. So where do you start and how is it done? Continue Reading

  • blog-header-five Tick Tock Down The Rabbit Hole

    Tick tock down the rabbit hole


    I’ve been watching my curser flash repeatedly for minutes now, at a loss for words. Or possibly, ok truthfully, I’m just procrastinating writing this blog. When it comes to time management, my friends and family openly mock me about my lack thereof. So this Peter Pan is taking a stand to make some grown up life changes and get my A into G in making time work for me. Please hold; I need to do some strategy research. Continue Reading

  • simplygraphic-blog-1 Gain Momentum And Direction Will Come

    Gain momentum and direction will come


    It’s uncontrollably exciting during the embryonic stage of building your business, developing the concept, outlining your vision and bringing your dream to life. Continue Reading

  • blog-featured-img-one The Process Of Logo Design

    The process of logo design


    Apple, Coca Cola, Nike, Starbucks, Samsung. You can picture each respective logo as they are read. We all know what a great logo is. But what we all don’t know, is that to create a great logo isn’t easy and take considerable time, research and most importantly talent. Continue Reading

  • Success-vs-Disaster Success vs Disaster

    Success vs Disaster

    Synergy between client and designer


    There was a corporate high-flyer, an award winning designer and a marketing brief sitting at the table… sounds like the beginning of a joke full of ego and misunderstanding; the punchline being a communication disaster of epic proportion. Continue Reading

  • How important is colour in design? How Important Is Colour In Design?

    How important is colour in design?


    Colour can make you look away or draw you in. It has the power to create an emotion as powerful as music can. Colour helps us instantly understand our environment. It is intrinsically important to our everyday life. It is all around us all the time and helps us to relate and to respond to our world, even if we generally take it for granted. Continue Reading